University of Chester open day banner and flyer

project                                                                                                             Banner and flyer for the Department of Design.

client                                                                University of Chester.

media          Banner and flyer designs.

created                                                                                          Summer 2008.

application                                       Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography, illustration.

purpose               Promotes Advertising and Design courses offered by the university on open days, and other promotion and marketing events.

description                                                  Dynamic amalgamated media connotes the diversities of both courses comprehensively.

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Seven Days invitation card

project                                                               Seven Days invitation card.

client                                                                                                                          Edmund Ho Photography.

media                                       Invitation card design.

responsibility                                                                                         Concept development, card design, produces electronic files for pre-press production.

application                                                                            Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

created                                                                  Winter 2001.

purpose       Invites, communicate and promotes the photography exhibition.

description                     The theme for the exhibition was monochrome photographs, to portray the theme, with the fact that photographs were the focus, the concept were governed by black and white colours that not only cohered with the theme, but amplified the photographs. Typography in white colour demonstrates dramatic contrast to guide the eyes across the cards. Directness of three-panel folding makes the card easy to handle and read, ample space allows the photographs to show off their details, storys and moods that were vital to the exhibition.

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ecocare; sustainable reusable refill pack, bathroom and shower storage and dispensing system

project                              ecocare; sustainable storage and dispensing solution for personal care products in reusable refill packs.

media                                                                                             Packaging, industrial and logo designs.

application                                            Adobe InDesign and Phohotosp.

created                                                                                                             Spring 2009.

purpose        Raises awareness, promotes and facilitates sustainable consumption through promotional campaign and consumer product experience.

description                                                   ecocare is a sustainable production to be brought to consumers through refill delivery service, the sustainable production composed of two components; decorative storage and dispensing system comprised of individual units to enable mix and matching, it’s versatility enhances and coheres with bathroom, shower decorations. Whereas, the refill packs are reusable, designed for optimal manageability and storage.

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Wisma Atria Christmas Shopping Guide

project                                                           Wisma Atria Christmas Shopping Guide.

client   Wisma Atria shopping centre in collaboration with Her World magazine published by SPH Magazines Pte Ltd owned by Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

media                                                                               Catalogue design; approximately 80 pages.

responsibility                                       Concept development, publication design, produces electronic files for pre-press production.

application                          Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, Quarkxpress.

created                                                                                                 Winter 2004 and 2001.

purpose                                                Promotes christmas shopping.

description                  Fresh concept was developed annually to maintain the novelty of the catalogue, so as the publication stays attractive to the audience.

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Postcards from home; Singapore

project                                               A series of postcards from home; Singapore.

media                              Postcard design.

application                                                                                      Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, illustration.

created                                                        Winter 2006.

purpose      Designs a series of postcards to depict the tone of voice of Singapore.

description                                        Tropical beats; the rhythmic ambience of the “Garden City”; “Singapore” is connoted by a variety of hand-rendered forms, complemented by greenish palette to portray the environmental fidelity of the gardens alike city, the black hues depict the concrete high-rise buildings within the city.

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Natural Environmental Research Council poster series

project                                                                                      Natural Environmental Research Council poster series.

media                               Poster and tattoo designs.

application                                                                Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

created                                                     Spring 2007.

purpose                                         Promotes lectures on climate change delivered by Natural Environmental Research Council to university students.

description  The environmental message is communicated with a fashionably bold idea that appeals to university students. Tattoo theme, casual smart street wear, metallic palette connote the youth fashion statement, the “cool” and “trendiness” approach effectively conveys the message to young and fun-loving minds.

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CERN; European Organization for Nuclear Research; re-branding

project                    CERN; European Organization for Nuclear Research; re-branding.

media                                                                            Branding; logo, web, product designs.

application                                       Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

created          Spring 2009.

purpose                                 CERN existing logo adopts a spiky mechanical form, hence not very approachable. The project was to re-brand CERN with a friendlier identity, so as to reduce public concerns and fears on future LHC experiments, also to communicate the organization’s mission statements more effectively.

description                                                                                                                           The new logo is friendlier, sophisticated and innovative. CERN’s mission statements; research, technology, collaboration, education are communicated effectively. By integrating bubble chamber tracks on to merchandises, transformed complex scientific experiments into dynamic, sophisticated art forms that are easily assimilated by the public, thus enhanced the beauty of the experiments at LHC. The palette and forms derived from the logo, bubble chamber tracks, together with the logo itself culminated into a strong brand.

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Rabid Repeat Danger footage

project                                                         Rabid Repeat Danger footage.

media                                        Motion graphic design.

application   Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro and Sound Track Pro, photography, filming.

created                      Autum 2007.

purpose                                                                                 Depiction of the subject Rabid Repeat Danger in a short film.

description             The subject of approaching “danger” is depicted by three red dots materialized simultaneously with the movie title, colour transformation across the red and green spectrum, of which, red signifies danger, and green connotes safety, increases the intensity of unknown danger ahead. Glitches, accelerating motion connote “rabid”, repetitive frames denote “repeat”. Experimental sound pivoted from frantic electronica remix synchronize with the motions of the subjects.

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Paper toy freebies for Fresher Fair

project                                                                          Paper toy freebies for Fresher Fair.

client                  University of Chester.

media                                                   Paper toy design; character design.

application   Adobe InDesign.

created                                Summer 2008.

purpose                                                                                                                 Introduces the Learning and Information Service department to students at Fresher Fare within limited specification; print-based media in A4 format that can be produced in-house.

description                                                        According to survey outcome, monkey and rabbit are well liked by most students, the message is communicated through a series of interactive, decorative, bold, cheerful, and welcoming paper toys that connote the characteristic of the learning environment.

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Advertorial and editorial for beauty and skin care products

client   Beauty and skin care brands in collaboration with Her World magazine published by SPH Magazines Pte Ltd owned by Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

media                                                       Magazine design.

responsibility                   Concept development, styling, digital imaging, publication design, produces electronic file for pre-press production.

application                                                                  Adobe Photoshop, Quarkxpress.

created                      1999 to 2004.

purpose           Promotes beauty and skin care products from various brands; Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Ayura, Whitia, Escada, The Body Shop, Lancome, Kenzo.

description                                                                                         The personality, image and message of the brands and products were studied, assimilated into the concept, of which, products were styled, digitised with lighting effect and palette complementary to the products features, meaningful visuals were created to connote specific messages, integration of appropriate typography into the visuals culminatedthe layouts into effective design compositions.

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Web site for H20; the sustainable future home; Space5

project                                                                     Web site for H2O; the sustainable future home; Space5.

media                                Conceptual architectural design, logo and browser-based flash designs.

application   Adobe Flash and InDesign.

created                                                                                           Spring 2007.

purpose                  Promotion of “Space5”; sustainable future home constructed by the company; H2O.

description                      The “sustainable“ future home is designed with integrated solar, wind and water powered features, amplified with primary silver colour for a futuristic connotation, alongside with an eco-palette as manisfested on the web site. The logos; “H2O” and “Space5” are sophisticatedly branded to achieve an innovative and futuristic identity, furher complemented with architectural forms derived from the sustainable home to attain ultimate coherency.

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University of Chester corridors decoration

project                                                                   University of Chester corridors decoration.

media                                  Ambient design.

application                                                   Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography, illustration.

created          Spring 2007.

purpose                          Injects life into the space with decorations.

description                                                                      Decorative images integrated effectively into the existing spaces to livened up the environment.

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Template Design Studio business plan

project                                                   Business plan publication for Template Design Studio.

media                                                                                                    Logo and business plan designs.

application                                  Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography.

created                                                                          Winter 2008.

purpose                         Business plan proposal to stakeholders and financing companies.

description                                                                                                                                                 The concept depicted the nature of the creative business; Template Design Studio. Optimal coherency is apparent from the cover to the charts on finance analyses, this is demonstrated across the design of the logo, selection of palette, composition of the elements and layouts, hence the publication is wrapped up holistically.

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Food styling and photography for cook cards in magazine

project                                                   Food styling and photography for cook cards in magazine.

client                                                                                           The Singapore Women's Weekly published by ACP Magazines owned by ACP Pty Ltd.

media                         Magazine design.

responsibility                                                  Concept development, props sourcing, styling, photography, digital imaging.

application                               Photography, Adobe Photoshop.

created                                                                                                        2005.

purpose              Add value to recipes by making the foods look more interesting; appetising and appealing with decorative table settings and photography angles.

description The colours of props for each theme were mainly decided by the colours of the foods, this ensures the foods standout within the props, and in the images as a whole. Seasons are significant for table settings; spring/summer saw a bloom of flowery, vibriant table clothes along bright colour crockery, autum/winter toned down to pastel, cooler shades. Photography angle, arrangement of crockery and food created inherent geometrical structure vital for the images.

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My Voice book

project                                           My Voice book.

client  TYEM The Young Entrepreneur Mastery, publicity project under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, supported by Ministry of Community and Sports, community project by 77th Street. (Non-profit)

media                                                                                       Book design.

responsibility Concept, picture contribution with photography and digital imaging, book design, produces electronic file for pre-press production.

application                                                           Adobe InDesign, Photoshop.

created                                       2004.

purpose                                                                                                            The publication aimed to offer a platform for the youth to share inner thoughts that cannot be revealed openly owing to different degrees of constraints in relation to society, and culture perceptions. With compilation of 77 voices from all walks of life, the project hoped that society can have better understanding on what the youth are going through.

description                               The concept governed by images and doodling pivoted around youth's perceptions images of streets, toys; jelly bear, unpretentious compositions were photographed, and digitised. Doodling, random frames associated with youth’s culture were developed to express emotionally complex minds, together with hand written copy and quotes derived from the youth. Another function of the asymmetrical frames connected angular images with organic doodling and hand-written copy. Owing to budget constraint at later stage of the project, the book was printed on black and white as opposed to two colour ways, adjustment was made accordingly toward the final copy. The publication cohered holistically, by observing the use of colours, and typography treatments although design compositions varied according to stories featured, the message was communicated effectively with concept and design compositions that portrayed every emotional aspects of the youth’s voices.

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My Health; booklet for GNC; General Nutrition Centers

project                                                                                         My Health; booklet for GNC (General Nutrition Centers).

client                       GNC in collaboration with Her World magazine published by SPH Magazines Pte Ltd owned by Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

media                                                        Blooket design; approximately 12 pages.

responsibility Concept development, styling, publication design, produces electronic files for pre-press production.

application                                                             Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, Quarkxpress.

created                                                                                   2003.

purpose                                                                                              Promotes GNC products.

description             The concept aimed to portray the values of the products within a healthy context that appeals to female readers, products were styled with bright healthy coloured backdrops together with an organic touch of woody texture. The styling process involved photography direction, of which backgrounds were blur intentionally to create softness that is more appealing to women readers, the softness also complemted the products, by putting them in focus. While depth was achieved on the images, rigid, repetative bottles featured in the booklet were soften by the atmosphoric ambience. The layouts observed the concept, in which images were framed with white borders for fresh healthy look, alongside contemporary serif typeface for cover lines and slugs within pages for coherency.

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