The Time Traveller’s Life mini book

project                                                        Book publication titled “The Time Traveller’s Life”.

media                     Book design.

application                                                                      Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography, illustration, die-cut.

created                                  Spring 2007.

purpose                                               Designs a book that depicts our life journey.

description   The design connoted the life journey with design elements personal to us, bold and dynamic typography expressed the tone of voice of the journey.

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Slade Images photography book

project                                                                                             Slade Images photography book.

client                               Slade Images.

media                                                           Book design.

application                       Adobe InDesign, Photoshop.

created                                                                                 Winter 2004.

purpose                                                            Self-promotion media to showcase Slade Images´s photography works to it´s clientele.

description                            The concept was derived from photography related subject; the renown colours; “RGB” alongside “white”, of which images were styled according to designated colours theme responsible for the four section dividers that paginated the book. By extending the concept across photography themes and design composition cohered the publication holistically. The quality of the photographs were amplified with simplistic design composition, alongside organic binding method for a contemporary minimalist touch.

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University of Chester; hall decoration

project                                      University of Chester; hall decoration.

media                                                                             Ambience and installation designs.

application             Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography.

created                                                       Winter 2007.

purpose                           Injects life into the space with interesting decorations that depict the functions of the hall.

description   The space is livened up by anatomical graphic elements and typography to portray its characteristic. For a holistic approach, the installation is complemented by appropriate lighting effects to heighten the ambient for optimal experience.

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Oxfam volunteer and donation poster series

project                                                            Volunteer and donation poster series.

client                      Oxfam.

media                                                     Poster design.

application    Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, illustration.

created                                                                                                                  Winter 2007.

purpose                                Recruits volunteers, and to advertise the need for donations to the younger audience group.

description                                                                                    The organic approach communicates Oxfam’s mission statement, portrays the spirit of the vintage shops, and coheres with Oxfam’s identity and public image as a charity organization. The posters were to be used on shops’ windows with minimal lighting and cluttered background, to achieve optimal visibility, the posters were designed with a bold organic background colour. The series bonded together with singular design approach was executed separately according to their subjects, so as to facilitate usages on different occasions.

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Mind annual report

project                                                                                             Mind annual report.

media                                       Annual report design.

application   Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography, illustration.

created                                                                           Spring 2008.

purpose                                                          Communicates the organization’s mission statement; aim and message.

description                                    The concept of the publication aimed to communicate Mind’s mission statements in a new perspective; prioritizing funds to help more people with mental illness than elaboration on designs that incurred expensive printing cost. Fanciful paper, die-cut, special binding method are eliminated, the report is printed on black and white, simply folded together to amplify the mission statement, the only page in colour is hand-coloured by Mind's staffs and community.

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Decor products styling for magazine

project                                                 Decor products styling for magazine.

client                              The Singapore Women´s Weekly published by ACP Magazines owned by ACP Pty Ltd.

media                                                                   Styling.

responsibility                                                                               Concept development, props sourcing, styling.

created                                                                                                                               2002.

purpose            Adds values to editorial´s entertainment section with styled imagery based on emotional selling proposition.

description                              Decor products were sourced according to specific themes. Products were styled with props to create interesting compositions, colour coordination between products and props responsible for contrast and texture was observed closely, alongside photography direction, of which compositions were framed within specific angles inconsideration of depth and symmetrical balance, crucial for the aesthetics and moods required to produce effective imagery.

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+green; plug-in software application for sustainable design

project                        +green; plug-in soft ware application for sustainable design.

media                                                                   Logo, application, CD, banner and web designs.

application                                         Adobe InDesign.

created                                                                                                                               Spring 2009.

purpose   Reduces packaging waste at design stage to mitigate environmental impact.

description                              “Prevention is better than cure” the application facilitates greener packaging design by reducing design footprint at design stage. The campaign aimed to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable production within the design sector, persuade integration of “sustainability” as part of design practices on the professional and academic levels. The message of sustainable production is communicated coherently across all the media; logo, palettes, application, CD, banner and the web site, culminated into a holistically effective campaign.

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Living Movement footage

project                  Living Movement footage.

media                                                                                        Motion graphic design.

application   Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro and Sound Track Pro, filming and photography.

created                                                           Winter 2007.

purpose                          Depiction of the subject “Living Movement” in a short film.

description                                   The subject is depicted by flows of human movement; within the human streams, some enigmatically transformed into human-penguin amalgamations. The idea was the penguins that came into town are meant to liven up the daily life of human beings with an injection of colours; this is portrayed by colour play between monotonous tonalities of black and white, and bursting vibrant hues. Alongside with drum and bass track that synchronized with the speedy motion of the footage, of which each human-penguin transformation is emphasised by harder beats.

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Green Packaging; project pitch (IRM)

project                                                          Green Packaging; project pitch (IRM) for sustainable packaging in the UK.

media                                          Project pitch (IRM) design.

application   Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography.

created                                                                                                     Winter 2007.

purpose                      Documentation of researches and solutions for greener packaging design in the UK.

description                               The publication of sixty pages is printed on 100% recycled paper, alongside an environmentally-friendly palette. The images in the publication not only depicted the context, also communicated the relationships between consumers, packaging, in particular the environmental impact packaging and packaging waste have on climate change in relation to ecological and carbon footprints.

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Chester Gateway Theatre web site

project                                                               Chester Gateway Theatre web site.

media               Logo and web designs.

application                      Adobe Dreamweaver, InDesign and Photoshop, photography.

created                                                                                 Winter 2008.

purpose   Re-brand the theatre's identity to raise awareness and communicate it's important position in the city.

description                                             The logo pivoted from traditional theatrical mask adopted a contemporary simplistic form for a fresh approach. The unique logo, alongside key theatrical element; the dramatic, spohisticated cat mask cohered with the opulence wall paper on the home page of the web site, event and listing pages inherited the theme from the home page, of which characteristics of the theatre is effectively communicated.

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University of Chester; project pitch (IRM) for prospectus

project                                                 University of Chester; project pitch (IRM) for prospectus.

media                             Project pitch (IRM) design.

application                                                                                   Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography.

created        Spring 2008.

purpose                                      Documentation of researches and solutions to promote graphic design course more effectively within the prospectus.

description                 The publication is impressively unique in the perspective of presentation; the visuals and contexts communicated the tone of voice of the subject effectively, of which the level of understanding on the research undertaken for the project is demonstrated confidently to secure the pitch.

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University of Chester; flyer insertion for prospectus

project                        University of Chester flyer insertion for prospectus.

media                                                                                                  Flyer design.

application   Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography.

created                                   Spring 2008.

purpose                                                     To promote graphic design course in the prospectus with a new approach.

description   The concept aimed to add values to the flyer with a contemporary approach, alongside bold graphic compositions, the idea was to increase the flyer’s versatility, so as it can be transformed from a compact leaflet to a wall poster and vice versa, this would encourage prospective students to keep the flyers than discarding them upon information retrieval, thus effectively sustain the promotion of the course.

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