g2v; eco-friendly composter series

project                                 g2v eco-friendly composter series.

media                     Industrial design.

application                                                    Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, illustration.

created                                   Spring 2009.

purpose Reduces packaging waste and its environmental impact by facilitating sustainable production and consumption; the home-compostable packaging.

description                                                                                    g2v facilitates sustainable production of home-compostable packaging, aimed to reduces packaging waste, and confusions on the compostabilities of biodegradable and compostable packaging (BCP). g2v composters are integrated with features to support sustainable consumption, esthetically designed to beautify gardens, also to encourage healthy eating for home-compostable packaging are generally used to pack organic range and fresh produce. If home-compostable packaging becomes mainstream, “Compost buy back scheme” could be introduced to balance soil fertility between urban and rural areas, reason being compost produced in our gardens will be used for garden plants, in the long run urban gardens will be more fertile than agricultures in rural areas, this could lead to imbalance on soil fertility.

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Form magazine cover

project                                                        Form magazine cover.

media                                             Magazine title and cover designs.

application                                                                 Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography.

created                        Spring 2006.

purpose                                                                                    Designs a series of covers for a monthly magazine publication “Form”.

description   The magazine’s title is dynamically designed with inherent geometry, it’s versatility will sustain variety of cover designs. The series of explorative covers designs pushed the boundaries of typography expression with different media, demonstrated the limitless of contemporary typography ideas. The cover designs also effectively portrayed the spirit of the title, alongside the image and style of the magazine.

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Vigor Rigour Figure footage

project   Vigor Rigour Figure footage.

media                         Motion graphic design.

application   Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro and Sound Track Pro, photography, filming.

created                                      Spring 2008.

purpose                                                                        Reconstructs a radio broadcast sound track without additional sound, and to synchronize the new track with the creation of a health related footage that depict the subject Vigor Rigour Figure.

description                                                                             The subject is depicted by human anatomy; X-ray effect probed into the skeletal structure to denote the subject of health governed by clinical palette, diseases are symbolized by the motions of skull deformation, frames of the footage are connected by mouth movements dubbing health-related words. The mundane radio broadcast is reconstructed into contemporary tune to synchronize with every motion of the footage, the portrayal of the subject is remarkably fresh.

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Changing Paces web site; movie promotion

project                       Changing Paces web site; movie promotion.

media                                                                                     Browser-based flash design.

application                   Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Apple Sound Track Pro.

created                                               Spring 2008.

purpose   Explores the effect of viral marketing, creates a web site to promote movie “Changing Paces” screened 3rd March 2008 with Vigor Rigour Figure footage.

description                                                                  The footage Vigor Rigour Figure becomes the preview of the movie Changing Pace, to connect the preview to the movie, and to amplify the message, key elements from the preview originated from the footage; Vigor Rigour Figure are assimilated into the creation of the web site. The story of the movie also the preview is enigmatically extended on to the web design with a radical approach; the interfaces go against the rules of programming; unconventionally designed to not only engage but to intrigue the audience to achieve optimal viral marketing effect.

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Chester City Walls campaign

project                                                                        Chester City Walls.

media                                         Project pitch (IRM), Character, poster/banner, identity card and web designs.

application                                                     Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, photography.

created                       Spring 2008.

purpose                                               Promotes the walls to local communities to encourage them to use it more often.

description   Pivoted from anthropomorphism, the design of the character "Chester" took shape of a contemporary form, it assimilated distinguish features and palette from the walls to retain the walls' historical fidelity. Alongside the intuitively interesting approach taken to communicate the characteristics and potentials of the walls to local communities and also to the visitors, the concept culminated into an effective campaign that could sustain into the future. The walls are effectively symbolized by “Chester” across all media produced; from character design to prints, and web design. The character established optimal visibility, whilst integrating itself into the perspective of the audience intuitively.

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Scan; search engine integrated with chat client (prototype)

project                                               Scan; search engine integrated with chat client (prototype).

media                   Interface and web designs.

application                                                     Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver.

created                               Spring 2009.

purpose   Adds value to search engine with live chat integraton.

description                                                                                       Scan aimed to facilitate social discussions on search topics among users to optimise search results, so as to increase information retrievablility on a social scale in the "cold" digital age. The user-centred platform livened up users’ experiences; online searching becomes less isolated. Currently, search engines found on the market have yet to adopt such feature, the chat client could add value to search engine by the establishment of differentiation within the sector, hence diversify and generate marketing opportunities.

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Photosynthesis mini book

project                                                  Photosynthesis mini book.

media   Book design.

application                                                                                Adobe InDesign.

created                                        Spring 2007.

purpose                      Communicates and educates the complex and mundane topic of photosynthesis with a contemporary and fresh approach.

description                                                                  The subject matter is simplified for easy assimilation; simplistic forms and bold palettes created minimal compositions that depicted the process of photosynthesis while retaining the scientific fidelity of the subject.

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